CSI Mijas: Grand Prix victory with PSG Future

(4.11.2016) Also the second week in Mijas was very successful for Pius Schwizer. After several top results with his string of young horses he capped it all off by winning the Grand Prix on Sunday with PSG Future. Ten riders made it to the jump-off and the best round was shown by Schwizer and Future, they remained clear again and had the fastest time. “PSG Future ist back, and I am very happy about it! All my horses can learn a lot here, and also Flo is gaining valuable experience here, in beautiful Mijas.” The list of Pius Schwizer’s good placings is long indeed: Cortney-Cox 2 (2nd/140cm und 6th/135cm), Chidame Z (4th/140cm und 9th/135cm), About A Dream (10th/140cm), Electric Z (8th/135cm) and new horse Cora XXV (3rd/135cm).

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