Victory for Vancouver de Lanlore in the 4* Grand Prix of Montefalco

5 horses made the trip to Montefalco for two weeks of competition from May 4th to 14th.

The long trip paid off as the horses all performed very well.

In the first week, Sebastian took the 5th place in the 7 year old Grand Prix.
Ambrosio finished in 2nd place in a 145 that counts for the world ranking.
Lord Toulon was 3rd of a 130 in the 1* label.
Finally, Vancouver made a fantastic performance by winning the Grand Prix 4*!

Ambrosio had a dream second week, finishing twice at the 2nd place of the two big 4* classes over 145 and 150.
Christina took an excellent 2nd place in a 140 class.
Lord Toulon confirmed his regularity by taking the 6th and 10th places over 130 in the 1*.

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