Two victories for Pinky at Ising

Pius took part in the Ising am Chiemsee competition at Sylvia and Dietmar Gugler’s splendid facilities with three horses.

After a schooling round on Thursday in the opening 1.30 m class, the promising Pinky Pie de Libersart won not less than two 1.40 m classes. As one of the two classes was sponsored by Vitakraft, this meant that Pius received some nice gifts, which delighted Bounty the Jack Russell and Twix the Dachshund.

Balou Rubin R came 14th in the Ranking at 1.45 m, a small fault preventing him from winning by no less than 4 seconds over David Will!

As for Castiel, he took part in his first Grand Prix 2*. Unfortunately, a small fault in the middle of the triple deprived him of the jump-off, but that’s only a temporary setback!

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