Throwback to Basel, Kronenberg and Amsterdam


Basel was unfortunately a show to forget. Cortney, Chidame and Quatro jumped well but unfortunately the luck was not on my side to stand out at the show. Chidame took the 4th place of a 1m45 class while Quatro finished at the 7th place of another 1m45 class.


In Kronenberg I won both qualifiers for the GP, one time with Grand Cooper and the other time with Cas. Houdini showed his best side in the youngster classes while La Roshel gained further experience in the 2* classes. Flo rode my horse Vient Tu in the GP and had only a slight time fault. He jumped fantastic and proved one more time how reliable he is.


In Amsterdam I rode Chidame, Quatro Rubin and Vient Tu. Chidame jumped much better as in Basel and took the 5th place of a 1m45 class. I rode Quatro Rubin for the first time in a 5* GP over 1m60 and we finished the courses with 4 faults. I was very happy to see how easily he jumped at this level of competition. Vient Tu on his side jumped for the first time in his life a World Cup GP and ended up the very difficult course with 2 fences down.

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