Some very strong results in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

(13.3.2016) With his three horses Pius Schwizer enjoyed a successful weekend at the five star show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland). With Balou Rubin R leading the way by collecting three top placings: He came second and fourth at level 140 cm and took third place in the Accumulator with joker. Davidoff v. Schlösslihof CH was in great form as well: He was sixth in the spectacular indoor Derby and twelfth in the opening class. Chellatus R’s first ever 160 cm Grand Prix was a very positive story. It was great to see how easily the stallion jumped this big course. It was very bad luck to see the last element of the triple combination falling, this little mishap made impossible a well-deserved classification. It was Marcus Ehning on Cornado who took the win in this main competition. „Chellatus did a fantastic job“, Pius Schwizer said, being very happy about his cracks. „As well Balou Rubin and Davidoff are two splendid horses!”

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