Great results in St-Imier, Ascona, Rome and Roeser

September was a busy month for Pius but it was rewarded with many very good results.


Pius was competing in the national show of St-Imier with Gin Fizz DS and WH Delilah. Gin won the 140 class while Delilah finished at the 4th place of the 140 class and the 5th place of the difficult 145 class with jump-off.


Pius had a nearly perfect week in Ascona: Ambrosio won a 145 class, the small GP and a 150 class with jump-off; Karel won the first GP qualifier. Pius decided to retire in the 160 GP as Karel was a little bit tired because of the heat.


It was the first 5* competition for Ambrosio and it was a show to remember for him! He took the 9th place of a 150 class and finished at the 8th place of his first ever 5* GP 


Pius jumped the 3* and the YH competitions in Roeser during the last week of September. Ellie de Chasnay continued to impress, jumping clear during the whole week, placing 7th on Thursday, 9th on Friday and 2nd on Sunday in the 7-years-old competitions. Diane de Launay jumped to the 2nd place of a 135 class while Delilah finished at the 11th place of the difficult 3*GP.

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