PSG Future 2nd in the GP – great end of three weeks in Mijas

(13.11.2016) Pius Schwizer enjoyed a superb finish of the last day at CSI Mijas by taking the second place in the Grand Prix with his top horse PSG Future. Thirteen riders managed to qualify for the second round. Schwizer stayed clear again and clocked the second fastest time, right behind the winner Doron Kuipers on Blackberry. PSG Future had won the world ranking class on Thursday already and „is in great shape“. Overall there were many top placings to celebrate. The youngster horse About A Dream managed to get three fifth places in the classes of the seven year old horses. A further victory Pius Schwizer took with his new grey mare Cora XXV in a 135 cm competition. Also Sabine des Ibis (2nd/140 cm), Electric Z (2nd/140 cm) and Cortney-Cox 2 (7th/140 cm) showed great rounds again. „All our horses did a fantastic job. I enjoyed three very nice weeks here, I can totally recommend this show!

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