Victory in the 2* & 3 * Grand Prix in Grimaud !!!

Pius took part in the Grimaud competition with six horses, four of which were competing for the very first time under his saddle (Chelsea, Courage, Dubai and Scarlina). The weekend proved to be exceptional, with no fewer than 5 victories, including the Grand Prix 2* and 3*, which was unprecedented!

The main results were as follows, and look very promising for the rest of the season:

Ak’s Courage (2*): 8th place over 1m35, victory in the 2* Grand Prix
Castiel (2*): 4th place over 1m40, 5th and 1st over 1m45
Chelsea Z (3*): Victory in the 3* Grand Prix
Dubai du Bois Pinchet (3*): 2nd over 1m50
Erico Hoy (2*): 4th over 1m35
Scarlina de Tiji (3*): 3rd over 1m40, 2 wins over 1m45

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