Three wins in Bella Italia

Week 1 – CSI 2*

Pius Schwizer went to San Giovanni (Italia) with not less than six horses. Bakatina de Beaufour started the show with a clear round and finished at the 3d place in a 140 class. The day after, the mare was in top form too and finished 2nd in the 145. In the Grand Prix on Sunday, WH Delilah and Pius once again proved their skills. With a fast and flawless round, they won the Grand Prix. In the last class of the first week, the eight-year-old Fatina secured the fifth place in a 140 class.

Week 2 – CSI 3*

The second week of competition in San Giovanni could hardly have gone better for the very promising Ellie de Chasnay. She got a win, a second place and a fifth place over 140cm. Misano Magic and Pinky Pie de Libersart competed in the young horse classes. Misano Magic finished fourth and sixth, and Pinky Pie de Libersart jumped only clear round  with a fifth finish in the GP. Bakatina de Beaufour also did a great job and won the 145cm LR class thanks to a very fast round.

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