The Swiss Team won the Nations Cup in St. Gallen

It is always very special for me the compete in St. Gallen as a Swiss rider. The weather can be quite challenging but we were quite lucky this year! Everybody had of courses high expectations regarding the Nations Cup. It was the first time since many years that I was able to take part to a 5* Nations Cup and also my first time with Vancouver de Lanlore. It was an incredible feeling to win it and I’m very thankful to the Vorpe family as well as to Michel Sorg for believing in me and Vancouver and for giving us the chance to show that we can be an asset for the Swiss Team ☺ I was also very proud of the 11th place of Vancouver in our very first 5* Grand Prix together.

The other horses are achieved very good results: 

Ellie: 8th & 2nd place in the Young Horses classes; 

Sonnenschein: 3d place in the Young Horses classes;

Bakatina: 6th place in a 145 class and 12th place in the derby

Casallino: 4th place in the Swiss Cup PferdeWochedisette-sur-ses-terres-la-suisse-simpose-de-nouveau-face-son-public?fbclid=IwAR2tDGM4jHL2DmnGHwqt9hEtVOOmEfWQ3c_vOSAx5dQKqlnFjmj5oppEq3w

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