The Shanghai Swans won the GCL Super Cup Final

The trip to Prague with Coco was definitely worth it! I rode a training round in the 1m50 on Friday where we took a 10th place.

Everything was in place for Cortney and I for Sunday’s final, we were just left with being patient and hoping my colleagues would qualify us for Sunday’s final. They definitely came through and we were ready for a fight.

On Sunday were two very tough rounds where Cortney definitely showed his class and ability coming through with a clear round in the first round where I also had luck on my side at the red oxer.

The second round had a lot faults. It was very high and technical. Cortney had two light faults but it was still enough to come on top as the winning team 😬 Peder, Daniel and Sean did an unbelievable job all year as well as today, it was the key to our success.

Thank you Alexandra Thornton for letting me and my horses be part of such a fantastic team and for including me in this wonderful journey.

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