Pius Schwizer and PSG Future part ways

(16.2.2017) After careful consideration Pius Schwizer has decided not to ride his top horse PSG Future anymore. With the thirteen year old Holstein gelding he enjoyed several great results during the past eighteen months, such as Grand Prix wins in Zurich, Villach-Treffen, Rabat and Mijas. „Unfortunately Future is not reliable enough for claiming a number one horse status. Something is there that limits him. Careless mistakes have happened too often – and his owner Peter Schildknecht would not like my suggestion to ride the horse also in smaller classes“, Pius Schwizer explained the situation. „As far as I know PSG Future will join the stables of Max Kühner, a German rider competing under the flag of Austria.“ Pius Schwizer now plans to concentrate on his promising young horses that he had built up himself: Balou Rubin R, Leonard de la Ferme CH, Electric Z and Lester IX are about to get the chance to present themselves at the top level.

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