New Year 2018

(31.12.2017) My dear friends, owners, staff members and fans

The start of a new year always feels like a chance to set new and higher goals.

This is only possible if you have good horses and if you have the chance to ride them for a longer time. Something fast ist not possible in our sport. We have to think on a long-term basis and since the horse is a living being, it makes everything more exciting and less easy.

I think that being healthy is the most important element for horses as well as for the human beings. For this reason it is important to take great care of the horses, to have a good plan for them and to build them up carefully. This is only possible if you have the support of great owners and a super team in the background. My experience has taught me, that success is only possible thanks to a long-term cooperation.

Therefore, I wish for 2018 that people take time out to relax and enjoy life and cut themselves off from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. We live only once and we all nice time to ourselves.

I also wish to all the persons that I mentioned that all their dreams come true and that they keep an eye on their health.

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