Many good results in Gorla Minore

Pius was competing in Italy with five horses and had a successful show in the beautiful Equieffe Equestrian Center.


Coup de Ceur Pleville was placed at the 4th and the 6th place in the big tour of the 1* label.

In the 2* label, Diane de Launay won a 1m40 class and Gin Fizz took the 10th place of a 1m35 class. Dolce Vita Beaufour finished at the 14th place of the 1m45 Grand Prix (4 points but a very good time) which is a very good result as it was the first time that she was competing at this level.




Finally, Ellie de Chasnay achieved one more time a perfect weekend, bringing home ribbons for the 3d, 2nd and 1st place in the 7 years old classes !

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