First 4* GP placing for Bakatina de Beaufour in Gorla Minore

Pius was competing with several horses in Gorla Minore.

His new baby star Sebastian V Z showed how much talent he has and was two times placed in the classes reserved for the 6 years-old-horses (9th and 4th place).

Conlord Z did not touch a single pole in the big classes of the 1* and finished at the 12th, 3d and 10th places.

Vancouver de Lanlore, that Pius was riding for the very first time, did some schooling rounds in order to prepare the next competitions.

Gin Fizz DS had one unlucky rail in the 150 class but took the 7th place of a 135 class.

Bakatina de Beaufour as for her had a dream weekend: after a 3d place in the first 145 LR class, she finished at the 9th place of the very difficult 4* GP.

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