Excellent results for Diawella, Grand Cooper and Vient Tu du Rouet in Eschweiler

Pius Schwizer was competing this week in Germany at Helena Stormans’ very attractive facilities in Eschweiler, near Aachen.

He brought PSG Future, Vient Tu du Rouet, Diawella D and Grand Cooper.

Diawella D, who is only 8, was participating for the first time in events at this level and made an excellent impression by finishing in second place in the Masters. It was Vient Tu’s first competition with Pius Schwizer in the saddle; he won the 140cm Grand Prix 1*, most notably. Grand Cooper showed excellent work, as usual, and took the 10th place in a 140cm event and even won the 145cm “Chasse” (Jagdspringen). PSG Future sadly did not seem to appreciate the location and did not jump as well as usual.

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