CSI 5* St-Tropez: Cortney-Cox 2 very promising

(3/5.6.2017) In elegant St-Tropez, at the Athina Onassis Horse Show, Pius Schwizer competed with Leonard de la Ferme CH and nine year old Cortney-Cox 2. During the three days of the show both horses did two rounds. Especially Cortney-Cox 2 jumped very well and was placed twice: clear and 11th in the Two Phases and 12th in his very first 155 cm course with a fast four faulter. – With Leonard de la Ferme CH Pius Schwizer missed out on a placing by one spot in Thursday’s main competition. And in the Grand Prix he decided to retire after three early faults. It was Christian Ahlmann riding Caribis Z who took the Grand Prix win. – On Whitmonday Pius Schwizer was in action at the national show in Zug. He won the 140 cm class with Uderzo de Rance and took second spot in the 155 cm main competition with Belcanto III.

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