An unforgettable show in Austria

(04.02.18) “The show in Glock Horse Performance Center is simply an unforgettable show ! Super stars like Robbie Willams, Dieter Bohlen, the star chef Alfons Schuhbeck and a lot of people that you normally see on on TV only are stopping by Kathrin and Gaston Glock. My three horses did a good job. Tina won a 140 class and was placed 8th and 10th in 140 and 145 class. Leo reached the 10th place in a 155 class and Balou was placed 9th in a 150 class with jump-off. In the 155 Grand Prix Balou started really well, unfortunately, as I came to the triple combination, he saw the big screen and was not focused on the jumps B and C and finished the course with 12 points. Congratulations to Martin Fuchs who won the Grand Prix”.

Next stop : CSI Oliva.

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