4th place for Swiss team in Falsterbo’s Nations Cup

(10.7.2015) In Falsterbo Switzerland took fourth place in the Nations Cup. It was their second qualification in the European Division I. Pius Schwizer and Giovanni van het Scheefkasteel contributed a fine score of 0 and 4 points to the well-balanced performance of the Swiss team. “Giovanni jumped great, he is just nine and gets better and better”, Pius Schwizer praised the chestnut stallion. His team mates – Martin Fuchs on Clooney, Janika Sprunger on Bonne Chance and Romain Duguet on Quorida de Treho also had a total of four points. It was Holland who took the win, Germany came second, Sweden was in third place. The nations so far have competed in a different number of qualifications, because of this the actual standings are not very informative.

1. France, 310 points (4 qualifications)
2. Sweden and Holland, 295 (4)
4. Belgium, 250 (3)
5. Germany, 225 (3)
6. Ireland, 205 (3)
7. Great Britain, 200 (2)
8. Spain, 195 (3)
9. Switzerland, 160 (2)
10. Italy, 155 (2)

Also his further two horses are doing well in Falsterbo. With Balou Rubin R, who will jump his first 150cm class tomorrow, he took fifth place at level 145cm. Sibell du Gisors was placed twice: Fourth in a 150cm class and in ninth in the Derby qualifier. With the French Mare he will ride the Derby. And on Sunday Pius Schwizer will take on the challenges of the Grand Prix with Giovanni van het Scheefkasteel.

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